3 of My Favorite Christian Youtubers

3 of My Favorite Christian Youtubers

Finding clean shows these days is pretty much impossible. I'm so tired of the filth in pretty much every show now. You can't even sit through commercials without something awful being shown. So why not try youtube? There are so many clean, positive, inspiring videos out there, and from a Christian standpoint. So I'm telling you about 3 of my favorites so that you can go subscribe and check them out!




Coffee and Bible Time 

Straight from their about section, "Coffee and Bible Time is a Christian YouTube Channel where people of all ages come together to learn, grow, and flourish in Christ. Sisters, Ashley & Taylor, and their Mentor Mama are passionate about sharing the truth of Jesus Christ and the gospel message. They post Christian videos weekly to help encourage and equip women to be on fire for the Lord! It is their hope and prayer that you would be inspired to delight in God’s Word and share that with the world."

I recently discovered them and I'm obsessed! I mean, it's 2 of my favorite things! Coffee AND Jesus! How could you go wrong!? Their website, coffeeandbibletime.com, has so much more to offer than just their youtube videos. They have a blog, where they get real and personal, a podcast, and my personal favorite, the most amazing prayer journal available for purchase! You HAVE to check this one out.



Jaclyn Brooke is a young, newlywed that recently graduated from college. She has so many amazing videos about all different topics of life. She discusses life before marriage, college life, being a newlywed, and so much more. Her personality and joy is contagious and so fun. I love how real and relatable she is in her videos. I'm long past this stage in my life, but I wanted to post about her for other young people that can relate to her. You'll love her fun personality!




Kristin Johns is a young mom which I was I was instantly attracted to her videos. I can relate! Well, I'm 31 now. Does that still qualify as young? She and her husband are absolutely hilarious and adorable together. They give real life updates on pregnancy, birth, and life in general. They are relatable in so many ways! If you're into cooking, she has fun cooking videos. If you're into fashion, she does try ons for some of her outfits. Her decorating style is fabulous as well!

Go subscribe to these channels and let me know what you think. If anyone purchases the prayer journal from Coffee and Bible Time, I'd love to know your thoughts on that as well!

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