Welcome to our Loyalty program, where shopping earns you money back!

Here's how it works and how you earn points.

1. Make sure you have created an account with us. You must be logged in every time you make a purchase in order to earn points for shopping. When you create an account, you'll earn 100 points!

2. Share us on FB for 10 points.

3. Like us on FB for 10 points.

3. Follow us on IG for 10 points.

4. You'll earn 1 point for every $1 you spend on a purchase. This does NOT include what you spend on shipping.

5. On your birthday, you'll get 25 points.

6. Refer someone and get a $10 off coupon for you and for them when they make a purchase.

250 points = $25 coupon
500 points = $50 coupon
750 points = $75 coupon
1000 points = $100 coupon